Adding satellites via. 'node wizard'

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  • Hey guys,

    Great site and software suite you have, and apologies for sharing my burden with you.

    I've currently got a single Icinga2 master up and running, and I've been adding my Windows Server 2012 R2 hosts in via the Agent Wizard. I also wanted to monitor the small amount of Ubuntu hosts I have, so I ran through the `icinga2 node wizard` process.

    What is odd, is that the process runs through fine (requests certs, stores them, etc.) and ends with the following lines:

    So, if I `sudo service icinga2 restart` (tried on both the satellite and the master), the master never gets this new satellite in its `icinga2 node list`.

    Config on the new satellites looks fine too, so I'm scratching my head. I even tried using the `node wizard` on a Windows host and I had the same end result.

    The configs on the newly configured satellites look exactly like a working one:

    Any ideas? Is there a way to get some verbose output?

    Thanks again!

    • What about the firewall at the ubuntu, does it open port 5665 ?
    • Does icinga2 daemon --validate | grep zones.conf whitness that zones.conf is been read ?
    • The zones.conf on the master, does it contain a host = property for Endpoint "BGS-GRAFANA01" so that the master can try to connect the client as well ?
    • Does icinga2 on the satellite validate and start at all ?

    Verbose logging is switched on by icinga2 feature enable debuglog, view file /var/log/icinga2/debuglog.

  • I get the foilowing on my new Ubuntu satellite.

    Although, some of them such as BGS-MONITOR01 & BGS-PRINT01 I have set to point at my master (BGS-ICINGA01) - Is it normal for the satellites to communicate between one-another like this?

    icinga2 daemon --validate | grep zones.conf results

    1. user@BGS-ICINGA01:~$ sudo icinga2 daemon --validate | grep zones.conf
    2. information/ConfigCompiler: Compiling config file: /etc/icinga2/zones.conf

    cat /etc/icinga2/zones.conf on my master

    Icinga2 runs on my new satellites, as per service icinga2 status

    I hope I haven't jumped the gun and followed some instructions, missing some key steps out.

  • Is it normal for the satellites to communicate between one-another like this?

    The widely used pattern is:
    Only one Satellite in its own zone, Parent of all zones is the master zone.
    In that pattern it is not normal for satellites to talk to each other.

    The load distribution pattern is:
    multiple satellites, ideally of identical hardware, are in one zone and distribute the load equally by each other.
    Parent is the master zone.
    Clearly, in that pattern it is normal to see inter-satellite traffic.

    Back to the initial problem:
    I do not see why icinga2 node list executed at the master does not show the ubuntu machine if that traffic is not blocked by some firewall. Especially because the setup works with other satellites.