Incinga2 on FreeBSD - Autodiscovery - Adding hosts/client setup

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  • Hi,

    I just installed Icinga2 and Icingaweb2 on FreeBSD. Now I just need to add hosts/clients to monitor.

    I'm reading the documentation here:…a2/chapter/icinga2-client but its not clear. ?(?(?(

    • How do manually add hosts/clients to monitor?
    • Is there any way to perform auto discovery to batch add clients?
    • How do I set up Mac OS X, Linux and Windows clients to be monitored?


  • Thanks a lot! Don't how I skipped that section!

    I have the basics working with hostalive/ping. Next steps are to figure out monitoring with SNMP then icinga2 client on the host.

    But for now, I'm digging into writing custom plugins to run check commands. I'm trying to monitor certain processes and their state (hanging, running or not etc...) on Mac OS X so I can then automate log collection for further troubleshooting.

    I don't see this available in the nagios/monitoring plugins but I did find this:
    I imagine I can put them in a directory an have icinga2 load them and then I can call them from the templates, services, and hosts config files.