icingaweb2 can not update host state (up and down status)

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  • Hi,
    I have using icinga2 and icinga2web near by 350 host and 10 service.In very short time i have test host state check When i break the network on a sepecific guest icingaweb2 GUI did not update host state UP to Down when i trigger manuelly from GUI "check now " button.The same is true in the opposite.When i stand up the guest but icingaweb2 did not update host state DOWN to UP still.When i click check_now its status has been updated.

    I have use icinga 2.3.2 2016-04-28 and we use also

    director -> 1.0.0
    monitoring -> 2.3.2
    translation -> 2.3.2

    and also you can see attached when guest machine is up and reachable from icinga server but while i have waiting approximately 10 minutest web gui did not update host state and did not send notification host state.

    And also you can find my host definition,template definition.

    Have you ever correspond this issue? I use hostalive check command from template.conf

  • i have the same effect. with all services and hosts
    using the latest icingaweb and director from git.

    everyone any idea?