comments in html return error

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  • Hello

    i test thruk 2.08

    when a alert happens, there is a acknowledge. in the comment of acknowledge there a link to glpi.

    the link does not work :

    http ://HOSTNAME_THRUK_SERVER/'https://HOSTNAME_GLPI_SERVER/glpi/index.php?redirect=tracking_399319\%27

    why thruk add hostname and /' and \'

    how to remove them?


  • Example :

    when i add this comment, the link is in error :

    <a href='https://server/glpi/index.php?redirect=tracking_397084'>test2</a> (NGLink)

    i remove ' and the linc is ok

    <a href=https://server/glpi/index.php?redirect=tracking_397084>test</a> (NGLink)

    in which file I can delete these ' ?


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