Icinga2 - Host dependencie for Servicegroup

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  • Hallo!

    I want to visualize my systems on a Geomap in nagvis. For that I create a Servicegroup in icinga2 with all relevant services for the system state. This is working fine so far. The only problem is that the servicegroup is in state "OK" even though the Host is "DOWN" - can I somehow model an dependencie for the Servicegroup on the Host?

    More details of our Setup:

    Frontend Maininstance

    We have one main BackOffice Component which monitors the Subsystems. In the BackOffice, I create a Servicegroup for each connected System (~150 Systems) to show me the Healthstate of a system at a glance.
    The services in the Servicegroups are distributed over the instances of the System. I want to display the Servicegroup as "UNREACHABLE" or "DOWN/CRITICAL" in case the Frontend Maininstance (Zone) is not reachable.

  • Solution: create a service for the zone and add that service to the Servicegroup: