passing host group membership bottom-up

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  • Hi,

    I have a setup with one master and handful of satellite nodes. Configuration is synced "bottom-up" from satellites to master. Satellites define one Host and couple of Service objects.

    I would like to assign satellite Host to a HostGroup visible on master node (the group is defined globally). My problem is that satellites don't have their names known upfront. I'm currently using AWS EC2 id ("i-4130bbeb") as satellite zone name.

    I have tried to assign Host to a group on satellite, as well as set additional variables.

    "host.conf" on satellite:

    1. object Host NodeName {
    2. groups = ["foo"]
    3. = "foo"
    4. }

    "icinga2 object list" on master:

    1. Object 'i-4130bbeb' of type 'Host':
    2. % declared in '/etc/icinga2/repository.d/hosts/i-4130bbeb.conf', lines 1:0-1:23
    3. ...
    4. * groups = [ ]
    5. ...
    6. * name = "i-4130bbeb"
    7. * vars = null

    Neither host's variables, nor group membership is propagated to master.

    HostGroup "foo" is defined globally and visible on all nodes.

    I know how to push configuration "top-down" from master to satellites, but I would like to avoid that (since I don't know satellite zone names).

    Q: Is it possible to propagate host-group membership information bottom-up ??