Icinga Director Notifications

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  • I currently have Icinga Director up and running. I have created a host and host group and it is being monitored correctly. I have created a User and want to setup notifications for the user but have no idea how to do such with director. Any ideas you could push my way to better understand how to setup notifications for hosts created by director.

  • Had a look at the bug,


    There looks as if there is a patch for sql. Checked on my fresh install, table is already there and database schema is already at 92 rather than 91.

    However no files are being written for any of the notifications and there seems to be no form for icinga_notification_assignment.

    I must be missing something

  • Currently I switched my host notifications to director.

    I created a notification plugin command.
    Then you need to edit the mail-host-notification.sh to accept parameters (or write it new in another language), which comes from the notification plugin command.
    After that you create a notification template and use this to create notification by apply rule.

    This works fine for me.

    I currently can't use this for service notifications, because it's only possible to use host properties instead of service properties like service name.

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  • I have used this how-to to configure notifications: https://www.unixe.de/icinga2-director-notifications/

    Also I already use notifications for services though i can't exclude specific services via apply rules. My notification apply rules for services currently look like this:

    There is an entry in the bug tracker where the problem, that you currently can't assign notification to host or serivce groups (with a workaround fix): https://dev.icinga.org/issues/12083

    hope this helps :)