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  • Hello all,

    First sorry for english i'm french :D
    In my little compagny, we want to add new monitoring service without remove the actual ( centreon 1000 servers / 50000 services).
    We are testing influxdb (kapacitor, telegraf...) with grafana, i tested shinken and others... Unfortunately, i don't have the time for test icinga2 immediately, so i will appreciate if somebody can give me informations :)
    If it's positive i can propose icinga for the next schedule and so test it :)

    Icinga2 :
    Elasticsearch plugin is working good ?
    Can i see the grafana graph in icinga2 ? (i saw a modification to do that with iframe in a blog)
    In inverse : can we see the icinga2 graph in grafana ?
    Is it possible to have alerts from influxdb metrics ?
    Is it possible to add Hosts and services instantly (without service/ poller restart ) ?
    Has he a interpoller dependency ?

    thanks in advance

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    • Elasticsearch plugin - please clarify on that. Is it about a check plugin being fired against an Elasticsearch instance, or something different?
    • Grafana is a standalone application frontend for Graphite. You may integrate such frontends via iframe into Icinga Web 2. There are native Graphite Web2 modules for easier integration as well.
    • Graphs are stored in Graphite, so that's the source of truth
    • InfluxDB metric alerts: Depends how you want to trigger them. A plugin fetching the metrics needs to be written (similar to check_graylog2_stream) or maybe they do have an integrated alert notifier which can passively feed check results into the Icinga 2 API
    • Add host/services instantly: Use the Icinga 2 REST API
    • A "poller" in the Icinga 2 world is just a role. All instances share the required information in a zone, so defined dependencies can be easily resolved, and may prevent checks and notifications.

    In terms of testing Icinga 2 - use the Vagrant boxes available. That helps you getting started, Graphite and Grafana are preinstalled already too.

  • Thanks for answer.

    About elasticsearch, it is possible to read with icinga elasticsearch metrics ?
    I just found this about elasticsearch for icinga : Script Perl : https://github.com/LateRoomsGroup/elasticsearch-icinga-check


    Edit :

    I did a fast install icinga2 and i tried to add grafana in icinga2 with this guideline : http://blog.wuliwala.net/2015/…uxdb-grafana-integration/
    but i'm blocked on this step :

    1. icingaweb2 modules API here
    2. /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/monitoring/library/Monitoring/Object/Service.php
    3. add grafana integration into icingaweb2
    4. /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/pnp4nagios/library/Pnp4nagios/Grapher.php

    I don't know what i have to change in Service.php
    and /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/pnp4nagios/library/Pnp4nagios/ path doesn't exist on my server.


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  • That blog post looks broken somehow. From what I can see from inside the code, it uses the PNP module and adds additional code to inject the Grafana urls. I doubt that this works in production. There's probably a better way to solve that.

    Ad plugin - looks good. Try it :)

  • Thanks again, for your answer.

    Could you just clarify the two below point ?

    *About elasticsearch, it is possible to read with icinga elasticsearch metrics ?
    I just found this about elasticsearch for icinga : Script Perl : github.com/LateRoomsGroup/elasticsearch-icinga-check
    Nothing else for elasticsearch ?

    * You wrote "ad plugin", i didn't find it for grafana (only active directory xD) ?
    Do you have a link ? My management doesn't want use Graphite to show data (old solution), same for PNP. They want to add grafana graph.

    thanks in advance.

  • I don't have any plugins at hand for elastic search, maybe others do, or google will have (nagios plugins are still 100% compatible with icinga2, so you might add that to your search terms in Google).

    "ad plugin" means "regarding the plugin" or "concerning the plugin".

    In terms of embedding the Grafana graphs similar to PNP/Graphite into Icinga Web 2 I would guess there's no such module available (at least not an official one being in development). But you may open a feature request e.g. for extending the Graphite module.