Limit to number of objects on Nagvis map?

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  • I'm in the process of setting up a Nagvis map with a lot of objects... and have hit what seems like a limit for the number of objects.

    As I was editing the map, cloning one shape over and over and then moving the shape on the page, I got this error:

    "The attribute 'icon' is not supported in objects of type 'global' on map minemap."

    (the map's name is "minemap").

    At that point, I was then unable to display the map, and I was worried that the data was lost in the bowels of Nagvis (with upwards of 240 objects on that map, this was a disheartening thought).

    Then I tried exporting the map locally, and comparing the data in the map to other working maps. I found that the first object on each page is a global element with several properties. The "bad" map seemed to, somehow, have "icon" data within it, such that it didn't match the format of the global object for the "good" maps.

    I deleted the bad map from Nagvis, edited the global object text by hand, and re-imported it. That worked!

    Then I started editing again, figuring the other instance was an anomaly. Nope. Within two edits, the same problem occurred. Again, I repaired the issue and tried editing again. Same problem again.

    I have over a thousand more objects to add to this map, so now I'm stuck, and hoping there is either a solution (some constructive answer on to how to deal with this) or verification that this is a lost cause (so I don't waste more time with it).

  • I've since learned that there is no obvious limit to the number of objects in a Nagvis map (told to me from one of the Nagvis techs).

    What I did figure out on my own is that the exported map config file can be hand-edited in a text editor, allowing me to work around whatever component in the Nagvis GUI which is corrupting my maps when I edit that way. I've also found that I can put comments in the config file... for me, I put the comments outside of an object's data, in the blank space between them, starting the rows with a "#". (other characters may work, or maybe I don't even need a character there... haven't tested that, but do know that the # works).

    As such, have been able to add a bunch of objects and give their positions, saved the text file, and finally re-imported it in Nagvis. It is a bit tedious, but I think I'll end up creating an app to build it for me, so I can make this easier.

  • Same question abow ? anyone have expericence with Nagvis map, please share with us.
    How to optimize Nagvis map when we alot of object in map ? how about limited object in nagvis map ?