Best way to replicate a group of related Nagvis objects?

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  • I've got OMD setup and configured (OMD version 1.2.6p15.cre), with Nagios Core version 3.5.0 and Nagvis 1.8.5.

    Am trying to setup a "minemap" type dashboard, one which will show 100+ servers simultaneously on a large monitor (no scrolling allowed).

    I can do this with Nagvis as it sits, but the setup is brutal and managing/changing it as things evolve will be even worse, at least the way I'm doing it. I'm certain there must be a better, more elegant, more clever way to achieving this.

    Here is a portion of what the screen would look like (imagine that each "WESH-VANTAGE-01" actually has a name of a unique host):

    Here are the dilemmas:

    • Grouping. Nagvis doesn't support "grouping" of objects (at least not that I've found). Each "server row" has a bunch of items which, it needed to be moved, must currently be moved separately... the host name, the shape behind the host name, each of the icons for each of the monitored items... that's 17 items... for only one row. There will be about 150 hosts, so if things have to move around, that's crazy.
      • Host assignment. 16 of those seventeen items require inserting the name of the particular host. That is a lot of trudging through the menus to select the same server... over and over.

    I've thought of various degrees of "what could be" solutions:

    • A "Group" function in the map editor, like so many graphical editing programs support. This would at least allow a bunch of items to be corralled and manipulated simultaneously.
    • Some kind of "sub-map" function. If I were to make a template for one of those rows, with a variable which would be passed to that sub-map, filling in the data for host name to the label as well as each of the monitoring icons, that would be great. The sub-map could be added to a primary map, and positioned as if it were a group. However, I haven't found evidence of this type of functionality (in whole or even partially).
    • A gadget. I could roll my own gadget which would do the task of what a specific host-row sub-map would do... but... I'm unsure how many host parameters can be passed to a gadget. In this case, it would be many, at least 16, probably more. Before I trudge down a possible dead-end, is does anyone know if this is even feasible?

    Yes, I've read the Nagvis docs, and have built part of a page to do this (doing it the long, arduous way). The more I do it this way, the more I know that this is definitely not going to be maintainable.

    Is there a better way to achieve what I'm looking to do?

  • Well, the gadget option appears to not be an option. From the Nagvis gadgets documentation:

    Gadgets are only supported for service objects. An object can be turned into a gadget by setting view_type="gadget" and a valid gadget_url.3

    So, setting up some gadget to provide multiple properties of a host object won't work.

    Any ideas?