Icinga2 check_snmp or snmpget

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  • Hey guys,

    I'm realy new to icinga2 and to all that stuff on linux and Monitoring.

    My Problem is that i cant monitor my Router or a Printer by using snmp i get this error "No OIDs specified".
    I dont know what to do so if anyone could help me...



    1. object Host "druckera" {
    2. import "generic-host"
    3. address = "172.16.XXX"
    4. vars.sla = "24x7"
    5. }


    1. object Service "druckers" {
    2. import "generic-service"
    3. host_name = "druckera"
    4. check_command = "check-snmp-drucker"
    5. vars.host = "172.16.XXX"
    6. vars.snmp_oid = ""
    7. vars.sla = "24x7"
    8. }

    EDIT: I found my mistake... forgott a argument for the OID in the command.conf
    But now i dont know how to monitor the Printerstack Status.

    Thank you

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