After OMD host IP address change check_mk "Network Topology" page is empty

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  • Hello,

    I have a host with Ubuntu Server LTS 14 and OMD 1.20.
    Core: Nagios 3.5.0
    GUI: Check_MK 1.2.4p5

    After changing the IP address of the host from a.b.c.200/24 to a.b.c.199/24
    (change hostname resolution in DNS and /etc/hosts accordingly)

    and reboot of the host

    To be clear: The IP address of the Nagios (OMD) host itself has changed, not of any host configured in and monitored by Nagios.

    The Nagios(OMD) Host itself is not monitored in Nagios.

    Now the "Network Topolgy" page is just empty. Before it showed up nicely.

    There is a red error message shortly showing up. Something like:

    "Access denied User/setOption"

    The hostname did not change.

    All other is working fine after host IP address change, only issue is with "Network Topology".

    URL is:…

    How can I debug this ? Is there a log?

    How can I solve this ? Somehow "reset" the Topology ?

    There is no file ipaddresses.cache on the whole System at all

    I did

    cmk --update-dns-cache

    as the OMD project user, but that did not solve the problem. Network Topolgy still empty page.

    Did also arping from the host with the new ip, did also not help


  • Hi,

    same here:

    OMD site set up, ran Ok.

    Changed IP, restarted networking and OMD site, topology empty

    Changed IP back, no dice.

    In the end, what you tried did the trick for me:

    Changed IP again to desired address, followed Check_MK delete DNS cache (german):

    1. ssh root@check_mk_server
    2. omd su SITENAME
    3. cmk --update-dns-cache

    and rebooted. Worked Ok then, to my immense relief.



    -- uninett