Request for Comments: NagVis Worldmap

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  • Servus,
    das Feature funktioniert ganz gut. Nur was "mombro" beschrieben hat, ist schon sinnvoll.
    Wenn ich eine zweite Worldmap erstelle, kriege ich die Hosts aus der ersten wieder angezeigt.

    Eine csv oder eine andere locake Datei für die jeweiligen Worldmaps wäre ganz praktisch.

  • Kann man die komplette Worldmap exportieren und in eine andere Nagvis Installation übernehmen? (alte Installation = normal Nagvis | neue Installation = OMD)

    Wenn ich die Karte exportiere, bekomme ich nur eine .cfg mit recht wenig Inhalt:

  • Hi, I have tried using the World Map, the view and features are awesome.

    It actually met all the requirements which I need.

    One suggestion I would like to have, if I want a couple of world maps with full view but different host/hostgroup/services. How do I manage.

    Since it is global, the changes are affecting one to another. Kindly let me know if there is an option to have two world maps with diff icons.


  • Ist es mittlerweile möglich Koordinaten aus einer csv Datei in die Worldmap zu importieren?

    Wird die Worldmap überhaupt noch weiter entwickelt?

  • Hi all,

    first I'm sory for posting in English since I'm not a German speaker.

    I'm using new Geographical map and I also created script for writing objects form CSV to SQLite worldmap.db file - if someone would also like to do it I suggest you should first take a look how your data looks like in this DB and than use it to create new objects. I'm using Python and module sqlite3 and simply create new worldmap.db file.

    My question for LaMi is if it is possible to zoom-in to certian object, i.e. by url? It would be great to have like a sidebar with all devices on the map and than zoom it when the device would be selected. That functionallity was built-in into NagMap and I'm sure that many of users would love it. Please see sidebar on attached example nagmap_b.jpg.