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  • hurr1c4n

    Replied to the thread Garbled output in SLA-Report.
    dan_m_joh , did you try to change the settings for the SLA Report in the /etc/thruk/plugins/plugins-enabled/reports2/templates/reports/style/ file?

    On my reports I do not have this issue.
    Which version of Thruk do you use?
  • hurr1c4n

    Like (Post)
    The next Thruk release comes with a new "filter" feature for Business Processes. These can be Input and Output filter and there is already an example output filter included which adds a drill down view for the root cause of the issue.
    You can use the…
  • hurr1c4n

    Hi sni,

    I have just upgraded my test installation and it looks really nice.
    You can now see on the Reports which service / node creates the failure / warning or what ever.

    Really good job!

    Do you have an idea when this version will be stable?

  • hurr1c4n

    I have to open the thread again.
    Unfortunately the changes will only have an effect to the notification but not to the report I have to create.
    There it will have no effect. I still see on the report or the availabilty that "Sontiges" is warning, and…
  • hurr1c4n

    I checked the configuration again of my test Business Report.
    And surprise, I found something to solve it temporary.
    I have to enable the Link on the sub groups. For example, on "Sonstiges", "Hardware" and "Processes" i have to set "Create Link".

  • hurr1c4n

    Hi there,

    I'm using Thruk since more than one year and I'm really happy with it. Together with Naemon it is a nice and stable solution.
    For testing purposes I created at the beginning some Business Processes (BP). As it is a normal way the tests are…