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  • sni

    Posted the thread 2.18 release.
    Last release for this year right from the train to #34c3. This release was a little late, sorry for that. But it comes with a quite powerfull new panorama widget, the squares widget. Basically its a container for automatically aligned icons to give a…
  • sni

    Replied to the thread Service Check Timed Out.
    If you are using shinken, then changing the nagios.cfg won't help i guess.
  • sni

    Stable release is out now. Regarding the pdf output... Its complicated :-) Right now, only the first line is printed, and its never wrapped. If there are linebreaks, we have to add code to make sure it still fits on this DIN A4 page.
  • sni

    Which Thruk version is that and is it reproducable for all commands (which have an author)
  • This has been fixed in the nightly builds already.
  • sni

    Replied to the thread Garbled output in SLA-Report.
    I will have a look, there is also an github issue for this already.
  • sni

    The next Thruk release comes with a new "filter" feature for Business Processes. These can be Input and Output filter and there is already an example output filter included which adds a drill down view for the root cause of the issue.
    You can use the…
  • sni

    Liked fabschap’s post in the thread Workshop 2018.
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    Gute Nachrichten!
    Ich habe grade grünes Licht von Leiter für die Ausrichtung 2018 an der TU Branschweig bekommen, wenn es mit vertretbarem Aufwand möglich ist.

    Veranstaltungsort wird warscheinlich das Haus der Wissenschaft.