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  • adhutch

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    Sure it may sound "crappy" as you state it. I'm doing Icinga for more than 7 years now, and there are huge parts involved which are done in my spare time. For free and anyone to use. Including many others.

    Though things are different with "big"…
  • Astreon

    Hat tatsächlich funktioniert. Besten Dank!
  • mtanwar

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    Hey trubabul and dnsmichi,

    Question about your solution with:

    object Service "drbd" {
    host_name = ""
    check_command = "check-drbd"
    notes_url = "http://wiki/drbd"

    and in the NotificationCommand:

    NOTESURL = "$service.notes_url$"

    Can you give…
  • starflighter

    Liked wols’s post in the thread Themens ändern.
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    "Modul" gefällt mir. Ich würde mir aber statt einem "Theme-Select"- ein "Theme-Generator"-Modul wünschen.
    Bei jeder Installation kommt ja am Ende doch nur das "richtige" Theme zur Auswahl. Fertige Themes würde ich eher auf Icinga Exchange suchen.

  • (Quote from Icinga)

  • jeevanm

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    Take a look at this Chapter in the Documentation.

    I would highly recommend that you do not "just" migrate from Icinga1 to Icinga2.
    As there is no straight migration path, it is always recommended to setup a playground where you can checkout Icinga2 and…
  • Mikesch

    (Quote from fallback)

    Thats absolutly ok if you have set "max_check_attempts" to 3 (which is the default). If you want to have a notification on the first state change, youhave to set this to 1 in your service. Otherwise the service needs to be 3 times…
  • fallback

    Sorry for misusing this thread. But because i got another problem with this exact configuration I thought it's easier to post it here :

    As said before i'm using the http api to post a passive check result. In the logs i can see that the state changes…
  • I want to use client as satellite and I want to use direction Master -> Client

    Zones.conf. on Master:

    object Endpoint "icinga.test.lan" {


    object Zone "master" {
    endpoints = [ "icinga.test.lan" ]

    And of course there is global zone defined in…
  • Hi,

    if I understand you correctly the log output comes from your client right?

    Which connection direction do you want to use? Master -> Client or Client -> Master?

    Please share your zones.conf from your master and client.
  • Manu1707

    Replied to the thread Apply rules for services.
    Ich habe den Fehler gefunden.

    Der Fehler lag darin, dass ich einen Datenfeld für die Host Vorlage als Array erzeugen musste und ein Datenfeld als String für die Service Vorlage.
    Die Apply Regel musste auf die Host Vorlage angewendet werden...
  • netlux

    Replied to the thread mk_logwatch - Verständnisfrage.

    es funktioniert :)

  • Mikesch

    Change fill(null) to fill(none)

  • Problem gefunden:

    Beim Update wird aus mir ubekannten Gründen eine WATO Regel mit Parametern für diesen Check erstellt. In dieser Regel sind jedoch keine Paramater eingetragen. Check_mk möchte aber Parameter verwenden und findet keine. Daher kommt…
  • Hi,
    First of all, thanks for your effort, I really appreciate work you have done on icinga2. It is a greate piece of software.

    I have unsucessfully tried to integrate icinga2 agent without direct connection to icinga2 master. Master is behind NAT,…
  • moux


    I am trying to create a report which shows the 'time down' for host and one service and additionally shows the time in scheduled downtime.
    So that in the end I need to report the availability with and without scheduled downtimes.
  • Manu1707

    Posted the thread Apply rules for services.

    leider stehe ich auf dem Schlauch... Ich möchte auf einem Host verschiedene Dienste auf Verfügbarkeit checken. Dazu bin ich wie folgt vorgegangen...

    1. Datenfeld als Array erstellt mit Feldname var_services
    2. Feld(var_services) in der…
  • Astreon

    Hi at all

    i have a Icinga2 Testsetup with DIrector installed. I also activated the InfluxDB Feature with the following config:
    (Code, 26 lines)

    The InfluxDBwriter seems to write to that Database:
    (Code, 28 lines)

    I've also added the InfluxDB as…
  • I marked the thread as resolved
  • l13t

    Ok. Topic could be closed I think. We forgot about setting up warning after migration to icinga agent from nrpe.
    I assume the logic of check_procs call in agent was changed and if warning is not defined it's forced to be 250 what breaks our setup.