Windows Agent: No files in host diagnostic agent output

(M Achilles) #1

we have a problem with folder monitoring on one of our windows systems.
System informations:

  • OS: Windows Server 2016
  • Check_MK Raw: v1.4.0.p19
  • Agent: v1.4.0.p19

The fileinfo segment in check_mk.ini looks like following:
# path = C:\Programs\Foo*.log
# path = M:\Bar Test*.*
path = C:\test*.*

After putting a text file in the folder, the agent generates the following output via cmd
(check_mk_agent.exe test)

But in WATO, when I look at the agent output from the host diagnostic, there is no file:

How can that happen? We have no idea, why the “local” agent output is different from the
output in WATO. On other hosts we have not such a problem.
We even tried to exclude permission conflicts by starting
the Check_MK_Agent service under an admin account…

Thanks in advance.


Can you try this:

Restart the service on windows than

cmk -d --no-cache HOSTNAME

(M Achilles) #3

Thank you for reply. Unfortunately nothing changed. The agent output looks the same.


you still get:


on the server ?
where did you run this command: cmk -d --no-cache HOSTNAME ? on Check_MK server right ?


That seems to be a problem with the permissions of the user. We had this issue already several times on windows servers - you need to change the user of the service to a user who is permitted.

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