What SMS Gateways are you using?


I am looking for a new SMS Gateway for our Icinga2 Cluster. Which ones are you using.
On the last OSMC there was a company, but I cannot remember the name.
Maybe sb. remembers?


(Thomas Widhalm) #2

I’d go for Braintower or SMSEagle.

Consider using services like Telegram as a third option as well.


I am wondering that SMSEagle is still suggested, as it is only a 3g modem and the first announcements about deactivating 3g are already online.

Braintower is an option because of the 4g modem. But I don’t see an added value for buying a telegram option, when you can use telegram out of the box with icinga2(?)
@widhalmt Was braintower the company at the last OSMC?

(Thomas Widhalm) #4

I didn’t mean to buy a telegram option. You can use it for free. I think this is, what we both meant.

Hm, you got a point with the 3G modem.

I don’t remember, which company was at the OSMC.


Hello there. The cheapest und most flexible solution would be a Raspberry with surfstick (Huawei E3531 for example). Software needed: Gammu/GammuSMSd.

Works with Check_MK, should work with every monitoring solution.

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(gerhardg) #6

i can also only recommend a self-built sms gateway based on a little linux box (raypi, nuc, alix,…). especially for smaller environments this is quite practical to “monitor” the monitoring environment itself again and use the gateway for a direct notification if your system fails.

i mostly use https://www.kannel.org/index.shtml, but gammu works as well.

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Thanks for the tips guys. The gateway will not be for a small environment, but the opposite :slight_smile: so it should be a kind of stable solution. Does the Huawei stick has also a webapi for sending sms?

(gerhardg) #8

size does not matter for me, only the possible impact :wink:

we had no major issue with iSMS, but these basic appliances didn´t fit anymore for our needs. They had also issues (1-2x reset a year), but mostly they did their job. so we replaced all or old “applicance” from iSMS with a “selfbuild” solution a much better modem, a battery and power loss detection. thus also a total failure of any infrastructure in a datacenter is detected (e.g. emergency shutdown). If you want something more professional then a raspberry, a “olimex” board is a good choice (including a battery and so on).

Ddepending on how important the notification is to you, I would also recommend 2 modems from different providers. Also other solutions then sms, like telegram, whatsapp,… would be possible with 3g modems.

And yes, solution like kannel, gammu, playsms,… can also be used by http api. A lot of the professional appliances use the same oss software. whould anybody like a howto?

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Sure, why not? How-To’s are very welcomed, I guess :slight_smile:
Does anybody know, if it is possible to “route” specific kinds of notifications to specific icinga nodes? For example, when you have a cluster with x zones, topdown, you have two raspis with a Surfstick in an zone called “sms” could the master lead sms notifications to this nodes?
I just know that you either can decide if the master or also the checking satellites send notifications, depending if you have enabled the notification feature on the satellites or not.
I am just thinking about sth. Like vars.notification_endpoint so you easily could install icinga on two raspis, these two check the “actual” server and every sms notifications is triggered by the master to the raspis. Just an very early thought before my first coffee :smiley:

(Michael Friedrich) #10

That was Braintower in the booth hallway. The thing I like in terms of their hardware - it has an HTTP API which makes programming a bit tad more easy.

While I agree that Pis and sticks could also work, I prefer embedded devices over that to reduce the source for errors when notifications are not sent.
Back in Vienna, we had foxboxes (“Fix and Foxi”) and the only thing I remember is that their API was either not existing or XML. Long messages could cause the hardware to crash.


HWGroups SMS gateways may be an interesting solution: https://www.hw-group.com/accessory/hwg-sms-gw3

Cheaper than Braintower I guess.

In our case the Pi with USB-Stick is good enough. Uptime since initial set-up 201 days, never failed the monthly test so far. If you go for the Pi: Don’t forget to clone the SD-card as soon as the config is completed.

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Thanks all for the mentions. We decided to go with braintower