What do we need to automate for Icinga?

(V) #1

Hey guys,

I just want to bring the topic to gather some requirements for icinga2 automation that I want to work on.

So, please add your ideas/comments/recommendation for Ansible Icinga2 automation.


(Markus Frosch) #2

There is no complete and extensive role for Icinga 2, some depends on your needs. But here are a few examples and pointers.



for testing I created a playbook to quickly install icinga2 & icinga-ido-mysql & icingaweb2 on Debian.

This is far away from perfect, but maybe it helps you. :grinning:

(Elsonpulikkan96) #4

Thanks very much buddy :heart_eyes: @mcktr


do a copy - paste “playbook” to install it on a Debian9 :wink:

(Dmitry) #6

Hello Everyone,

My concerns/questions about automation of Icinga deployment are described in applyrules question and in assignment of services question posts so far.
So, how to make automation for applyrules and assignment of services to hosts to achieve full automation of deployment?
If there are any ideas on how to achieve the goals defined there even without API/CLI, I would be very grateful.