What do we need to automate for Icinga?

(Val) #1

Hey guys,

I just want to bring the topic to gather some requirements for icinga2 automation that I want to work on.

So, please add your ideas/comments/recommendation for Ansible Icinga2 automation.


(Markus Frosch) #2

There is no complete and extensive role for Icinga 2, some depends on your needs. But here are a few examples and pointers.



for testing I created a playbook to quickly install icinga2 & icinga-ido-mysql & icingaweb2 on Debian.

This is far away from perfect, but maybe it helps you. :grinning:

(Elsonpulikkan96) #4

Thanks very much buddy :heart_eyes: @mcktr


do a copy - paste “playbook” to install it on a Debian9 :wink: