URL only shows parameters when called again


i am currently facing a weird issue. I set Url parameters in my controller, e.g. “page=1”. When I visit the page, the url doesnt show there parameters. They only appear when clicking on a form on the view that refreshes the page and calls Url::fromRequest(). How can I initially get the site to show the parameters when first called?
I hope this issue is understandable as English is not my native language.

In other words, how can i possibly get the current view to reload the url, so the parameters are showing in the adress bar?

Michel W.

By typing them manually? :thinking: :smile:

You’d probably need to perform a redirect in order to do so.

Though, I think you should try to avoid that. A redirect just to get a specific parameter to appear in the address bar not only lengthens the loading time. It will also interfere with the navigation. Just imagine what happens if someone navigates back after the redirect.

Why do you want the parameter to show already upon the first page load?

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I think that the parameters not showing initially is an issue. If you look at the monitoring polugin from icinga and navigate to the host overview with pagination, you can see the parameters are showing directly. I dont know how i could get to this point.

By the way, thank you for replying to all my posts, you’ve been very helpful!