Trying to build icinga2 fails

I’m trying to build icinga2 with mysql 8.0.11 on a Fedora 28 system and it fails because my_bool is not defined (which I think was removed in 8.0.11). I haven’t seen anywhere where icinga2 mentions a particular version of mysql that is supported. New to this product, so any help would be appreciated.

We generally only test databases from distribution packages, where upstream vendors provide support for it. If there’s a bleeding edge release like MySQL 8, it is highly unlikely that an open source project already caught up with it. Especially since the Linux world uses MariaDB nearly everywhere these days, also on Fedora 28.

So to speak, it will take time to implement detection for MySQL 8 headers and provide different binary builds. Googling a bit here, this

doesn’t sound sound that sane with a typecast, but might be an idea. Still, we need to ensure that the least supported MySQL/MariaDB version still works.