Trigger Kickstart via API

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I am currently working to fully automate new zones with ansible.
I am successfully creating new zone files and creating hosts via director api.

What I was not able to do is trigger a kickstart to add the new zones to the director. Can someone help me with a way to trigger the kickstart using the API?

What do you use for automation of icinga2 director? REST API vs. CLI

The command is icingacli director kickstart run

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It’s not via the API but it still solves my problem.
Many thanks to you!


Yep, you are right. Was a bit in a hurry :D, sorry.
But glad it still helped you.

As I am rarely working with the API tbh, I’m not very experienced myself.
The docs show an example for deploying the config with POST director/config/deploy maybe a kickstart also works this way with POST director/kickstart/run :smiley:

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I tried to do that but sadly it didn’t work:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“No such API endpoint found”}

It’s not a problem for me as I am using automation and just use the icingacli.
Thank you for the tip!