Thruk services list suddenly empty


We’re currently running Thruk 2.12.3, and everything has been fine and stable … all of the sudden today the services page is not rendering the list of services. The page renders, and it even renders the numbers for all the pages of services that it thinks its showing us … but there’s nothing showing.

I’ve restarted the service, checked diskspace, verified we’re not out of memory and even rebooted the box with no change. Is it possible to have too many services? (we are connected to quite a few Nagios backends)

I’m probably going to work on building another box with the current version as I hadn’t realized the age of this one, but in the meantime, if there any suggestions to troubleshoot this, I’d appreciate the insight.


(Sven Nierlein) #2

Have a look at the source of the page, usually right click anywhere in the page an select “View page source” or something like that and check if the services are there. If so, then its likely some html error. Maybe some check returning invalid html (assuming you have escape_html_tags=0 set)


Thanks for the response. I checked the page source, and the services are not there either.

I subsequently did build another server running the latest version Thruk, and attached it to all of the same backends as the original … the problem did not re-present. I’m suspect that the original server may have developed deeper issues at the disk or OS level, so I’m just going to retire it.