Thruk Report Format Question

(Marcus Rochelle) #1

I wondering is it possible to have a thruk report format output directly in text, csv, or json. If I issued a command:
curl -k https://thrukuser:password@ip-address/thruk/cgi-bin/reports2.cgi?report=1&action=download_json
Is it possible to tailor the output to directly return the report output in just text, csv, or json?

(Sven Nierlein) #2

Since basically everything in Thruk can be a report, you usually get what the page provides. In case of the SLA reports thats a pdf page. But you can also put the excel exports or json pages into a report.
Your url is a special case for sla reports where the raw data is also provided as json data. That raw data is
JSON only since csv cannot handle nested data very well.
But if you want csv availability data as report, have a look at bottom of the availability page. There you
can export availability data as xls, json and csv.

(Marcus Rochelle) #3

Thank you Sven. :grinning: