Thruk - Plugin reports2 - json file attachment

(tom) #1

Hi there,

it’s more like a question instead of having trouble with it. I’m using version 2.30 of Thruk and I noticed that if I scheduled a Report I got a pdf and a json file attached to the email.
If I remember right, before version 2.30 I got only a pdf file.

I also noticed that in the GUI of the reports2 plugin we now can choose wheather we like to add json raw data or not. But it looks like this setting will not checked while generating the report.
Can someone confirm this behaviour?

(Sven Nierlein) #2

I will have a look. Maybe some default got mixed up, this is a new option, but it should be disabled by default.

(tom) #3

Okay, as I said it is not a big deal for me at the moment but it would be nice if you can control it. :wink:

BTW: the setting in /var/lib/thruk/repots/*.rpt is "attach_json" : "no"

(Sven Nierlein) #4

should be fixed with the next release. thanks for reporting this.