Thruk panorama max zoom level 15 in OSM?

(Thomas) #1


I try to use a zoom level above 15, for example 17,
but it doesn’t work. 15 is the latest which is working fine.
Direct on the oms webpage zoomlevel greater than 15 is possible.

Thruk Version:
Version 2.28
OMD 3.00-labs-edition
WMS Provider: Open Street maps.

Many thanks for help.

(Sven Nierlein) #2

you can set the numZoomLevels when creating wms providers by yourself, ex.:

<Component Thruk::Plugin::Panorama>
    wms_provider = Open Street Map = ["", {"layers": "osm", "format": "image/png"}, { "numZoomLevels": 20} ]