Thruk isn't creating reports

Apologize if this is the wrong place to put this.

I’m running icinga2, newest version, and Thruk, newest version.

Setup is something like:

Icinga2 Database:

Thruk sees the alerts and everything going on in Icinga but I can’t create reports. I want to create reports on the last 24 hours but if I click on alerts under the reports section all it shows is “0 Matching Log Entries Displayed” for instance. When I create a trends report the graph/image is empty.

For instance I chose a host that had about 10 errors yesterday after Thruk was installed including being down for an hour and there is nothing.


Let me know what else to add if i forgot something. Thanks.

When using Icinga2, please have a look at

I have a question with something I’m struggling with, I’m going through that documentation trying to enable logcache but where do I run this command?

omd config set MYSQL on; omd config set THRUK_LOGCACHE on

I don’t have a omd command in linux. I’m new to this so forgive the ignorance.

[root@reporting ~]# omd
-bash: omd: command not found
[root@reporting ~]#

When i installed this i used a based “yum install thruk” and all the other packages i needed. I didn’t install from source or anything.

then you are not using OMD (which is a bundle package) to make installation easier. It is possible to do this manually as well, omd only makes a few things easier.