Thruk: 'Disable this service temporarily' appears to delete the entry


I am new to Thruk/Nagios. My monitoring environment was ported to a new host late last week, after which my SSH monitoring services stopped working. The repetitive alarms were flooding my inbox so Saturday I logged in and selected “Disable this service temporarily” from the Action menu (under Object Configuration).
This morning I logged in to re-enable one of the services, and none of the disabled services were listed under Config Tool.
Is there a way to access and re-enable these services?
Thanks in advance.
Thruk: Version 2.20-2 (OMD 2.70-labs-edition)

(Sven Nierlein) #2

There might have been problems in that release you are using. This should have been fixed meanwhile. The entry is not deleted, it is just commented out. You can simply open the config file manually and remove the leading # from that service.
Usually you would set a downtime instead of removing the service completely.


Spot on!
Thank you, Sven!