Thruk behaves laggy, lmd problem

(Mister Lamp) #1


I have performance issues with our monitoring (thruk/nagios) environment.
Since a few days I face an issue that thruk responses very lagy but not always. I would say every 5th to 10th click or webrequest on thruk is delayed.

I see the following line as INFO in thruk.log
[2018/10/19 13:12:35][][INFO][Thruk] cannot check lmd federation mode, please update LMD.

It is the latest version of thruk installed. Also on all nagios backends the check-mk rpms are uptodate.

Another point is that I see at the moment three lmd processes running. 2 with the user context of apache and one with root. After a restart I only have one lmd process with the user apache.
I have not started these processes manually.

Do you have any hints where to dig deeper?

Thanks in Advance

(Sven Nierlein) #2

so, have you tried to update LMD?

(Mister Lamp) #3

That did the trick, ty so far sni