Thruk backend reports down but test shows green

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I have two Thruk servers, one running 2.14 and one on 2.26-2

They all access the same 41 backend nagios servers via mk_livestatus

However, on the 2.26-2 server it cannot see two of the backends-


It works fine when I click the test button-


And when I run

echo ‘GET hosts’ | nc servername 6557

It responds fine…

Am I missing something here? Is there a timeout somewhere that might need tweeked?

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opening the site panel and hovering the failed backend should get you the actual error for this backend. Does that reveal any hint?

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One of them just says: “Connecting…”

The other says: "incorrect response header: ‘Couldn’t connec’ "

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Are you using LMD? If not, i would suggest that with this number of backends. If so, start lmd standalone with only those backends and increase the loglevel.

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Yes using LMD

I’ve made those changes to the logging - I get the following when I drop it down to just those two servers-

No Backend available
None of the configured Backends could be reached, please have a look at the logfile for detailed information and make sure the core is up and running.

server1: connecting… (ip:6557)
server2: connecting… (ip:6557)

I’ll pm you the full log

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I upgraded to version 2.30-3 there

copied a fresh cgi.cfg from a working server

and ran “go get -u

but still have the same issue

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check the lmd.log, maybe it contains something useful.

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Sen you the lmd.log via PM