Thruk 2.32-3 - Reports2 - Dropdown field empty - SLA Business Process

Hi there,

I mentioned the issue in my other thread. I upgraded our Naemon/Thruk installation to the latest available and stable version at the beginning of december 2019. The update works fine but I noticed some issues with reports and business processes.

The thread is regarding the issue into the reports menu. I like to create a new report of an existing business process. If I select report type “SLA Business Process” and like to select the business process, the drop down menu do not work. I only get “no results found” back. So it looks like there is some issue while reading the configuration files.

Btw. I do not change any other setting before. First step is to change the report type.

If you need any logging or configuration sniplets, please let me know.

Thanks, should be fixed with the next release.