Thruk 2.28 quick search issue

(noone123) #1

just installed thruk 2.28
OS: Debian stretch
Monitoring: naemon 1.0.10, naemon-livestatus 1.0.10
Webserver: nginx + uwsgi
OS: Debian Jessie
Monitoring: naemon 1.0.3, naemon-livestatus 1.0.3

i upgraded from thruk 2.24-2
Now the quicksearch results differ from previous version.
My first impression is the quicksearch is only “looking up” in the first 500 items (hosts, hostgroups etc).
Reason is whatever i type… i never get more than 499 matches.
We have around 10k hosts… so there are many missing.
Example: ( i type “.de” in the quicksearch)
Thruk 2.24-2: 996 Hosts
Thruk 2.28: 20 Hosts
Example: ( i type “aw-” in the quicksearch)
Thruk 2.24-2: 886 Hosts
Thruk 2.28: No results found

Same goes for Services, Hostgroups etc…
The tests are done on 2 identical macihines (both ENV2)… only thing that differs is thruk.
I also got the same results with ENV1 setup (stretch and actual naemon)

Please let me know if i can help with logs etc… i didn’t start debugging now, as i thing it might be a simple “max cache” setting or livestatus limit…

Have a nice day!

(Sven Nierlein) #2

i fixed the quicksearch a couple of days ago. There will be a new release soon probably.

(noone123) #3

nice, thanks a lot!!!