Theming with some examples


(Markus Frosch) #1

Themes are a good way to customize Icinga Web for you installation or company environment.

Please share your ideas and examples of themes on GitHub and mention them here.

company example

(Markus Frosch) #2

Other cool themes:



(Michael Friedrich) #3

(Michael Friedrich) #4

Thanks. I’ve restored the max upload size to 3MB, I wasn’t sure about a sensitive value and possible disk usage. Uploading things here is really easy now.

One hint for you in the future - just paste the external URL, Discourse will render the image. Later on, a task will download a cached copy, and automatically edit your post.

I‘ve just done the post edit on my ipad, the scheduler should kick in soon :slight_smile:

(Nicolai) #5

There is also another cool theme:


(Michael Friedrich) #6

@nicolaiB this has been merged to Icinga Web 2 v2.5 FYI :slight_smile:

(Markus Frosch) #7

Nope, different theme…


I am using the company theme of @lazyfrosch but I noticed that the login screen looks different, when I enable it from GitHub. My white login window is smaller and centred instead of this bit left and continuous white from upside to downside

(Markus Frosch) #9

This depends on your screen resolution and size of the browser window.