(sub-)category for SDK

(Bodo Schulz) #1

It is possible to create an other category for questions about the various SDKs like go, python, ruby, bash and so on?

(Kevin Honka) #2

would be a great addition for all those people working on addons for Icinga2

(Bodo Schulz) #3

this category can also an sub-category for development task or enhancements …

(Michael Friedrich) #4

Hmmm, I’d like to throw in that the categories are kept in a limited number, as you may select one during post creation.

I understand the request, but wouldn’t a pinned topic in the Icinga category fit better? We can also make this a wiki style post if needed (like, one section for Ruby, another one for Python, etc.).

(Thomas Widhalm) #5

Maybe I’m thinking still in WoltLab or phpBB world but a single post might be a bit too crowded when more people want to write about it. As far as I undestood it’s not about giving some tips about every SDK but provide a place for many smaller discussions about every one of them.

(Michael Friedrich) #6

I’d say - start with simple threads and we’ll see how many traffic this generates. You can still use the power of tags to simplify the recognition and search.

My idea with a single thread (or one for each topic) was more to provide a sound basis with the details, introduction, and summary. To help users getting started, similar to what I’ve created in the existing categories.

Kind regards,

(Bodo Schulz) #7

Thats okay (for me).
wsht you think is the best category to start an discussion, wrote an how-to, Q&A, or what ever?

(Michael Friedrich) #8

Say, you want to discuss features for ruby-icinga2 - I’d start a new topic either in icinga or icinga2, as these categories fit your target applications.


(Bodo Schulz) #9

Thanks @dnsmichi! :slight_smile: