Strange problems with adding downtimes, comments etc

(Andre) #1

Icinga2 : r2.10.5-1
Icingaweb2: 2.7.1
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS

Hi Community,

I have two Icinga2 Installations, both are runing on Ubuntu 18.04 Server. On the one at home (my test VM) it works perfect. But in the productive environment there are strange problems maybe from the Browser (testet with Firefox and Edge). It is a little bit difficult to explain, so I made a video. Some things in the IcingaWeb will not be taken over :frowning:

my Video

thx André


Do the comments/downtimes appear after a reload of the page?
Are they listed under http://host/icingaweb2/monitoring/list/downtimes or http://host/icingaweb2/monitoring/list/comments?comment_type=comment|comment_type=ack?

if not check the logs (apache, icinga2, icingaweb2) for errors.

(Andre) #3

After reload the same issue. I see also no downtimes and Comments :frowning:


[2019-09-17 20:05:36 +0200] information/ApiListener: Finished reconnecting to
endpoint ‘Icinga2’ via host ‘’ and port ‘5665’
[2019-09-17 20:05:36 +0200] critical/ApiListener: Client TLS handshake failed (from []:43412): Error: Socket was closed during TLS handshake.

In the Apache I can’t find a error.

And where is the log-file for Icingaweb2 ?

on my other Icinga2 Installation it looks good:


I am really confused about that issue

(Andre) #4

Any idea what the problem is? Its really strange


did you check the github issue tracker for your problem?

(Andre) #6

There seem’s to be some bugs with comments and downtimes. But not sure if my problem ist listed there. I am not a developer so it’s a little bit difficult for me. Maybe in 2.7.2 the will be a fix.