Statistics with Check_MK


Hi all,

I want to select the Performance Data from RRD for statistic purposes, does anyone have any idea or is there any tool for that ?

For example I want to know from whats happens last 6 month with specific performancedata.

Thanks in advance!



rrdtool dump ... would be my first try.

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thanks @Wolfgang but the documentation is really complicated its not clear.
Ill give that second try… but if were something else it would be better :smiley:


Excerpt from the documentation:
rrdtool dump filename.rrd [filename.xml] [--header|-h {none,xsd,dtd}] [--no-header|-n] [--daemon|-d address] [> filename.xml]

Sorry, but what do you expect? A ready-to-use solution where you enter the interval and get the performance data you need? rrdttool dump ... outputs the data contained in an rrd file in a human-readable format and you can extract whatever information you need. It just takes a bit of effort.


Thank your for your answer @Wolfgang

I’ll try that and I hope it will work, I know that I have to script it that’s not a issue.

I want export that to PostgreSQL and from there select what I want to see, that’s possible right ?