Special characters in service name break graphite module for icingaweb2?

I have a host that has parentheses in the service name. Graphs show in the graphite composer for this service, but not in the icingaweb2 UI with the graphite module. Other graphs do work. These services are automatically generated by the check plugin. Is there a way to get the icingaweb2 graphite module to allow them?
Fairly certain it’s the parentheses inthe metric name causing the issue.

Graphite module is v1.1.0

Here is the service name:

Path to whisper files:

404 logged: - - [22/Nov/2019:09:45:47 -0600] "GET /icingaweb2/graphite/graph/service?host.name=switch.domain.com%20from%20satellite&service.name=cpu-load&service.check_command=nwc_health&perfdata=cpu_Switch1_Supervisor_1_%28virtual_slot_1%29_usage&default_template=default-service&start=-3600&end=&width=350&height=200&cachebuster=103182313470141&legend=1&r=1574437547321 HTTP/1.1" 404 16532