Sound from Panorama Dashboards

( #1

I cannot seem to get any sound working from my Panorama Dashboards

I have all the sounds selected in the ‘sound’ tab of the dashboard settings

I have repeat set to 1

I have clicked the test button for all of them and it makes the sound

I have ticked the box on ‘user settings’ that says ‘enable sound if configured for a dashboard’

I am running chrome and Thruk 2.20

What am I missing???

(gerhardg) #2

never used “sounds”, but check if option “sounds” is still enabled after locking the dashboard. if i enable the “sound” option and save the dashboard, the option is disabled again if i reload the site.

maybe something like this issue?

(Sven Nierlein) #3

I had a quick look and found 2 issues that maybe affect you. Hostalerts have been sometimes used the service sound file, for example a host down has state=1, which then played the warning sound file, because service state 1 means warning.
Also recoveries did not work correctly. Both issues have been fixed and can be tested with tomorrows daily packages.
Please also note, that only state changes play alerts (unless repeat is set to forever).

The flag, wether sounds should be played or not, is user specific and will be saved along with the user profile.