Some guidance on module development

Hi all

I am by no means a coder, less still in PHP, but always willing to learn. I have been looking through the code for the x509 module and already ported the database schema to PostgreSQL since I really don’t want to run a MySQL instance just for this module, but I am struggling to get my head around the database connection part for a start in Controller.php. It seems it uses the Icinga ipl library and PDO.
Where for example are the database driver details configured that the module references?

Are there any resources that I can read up that speak to this part of module development?

Here. Though, that’s plain PDO there. The ipl sql part is more of a lightweight wrapper around PDO. The most is still plain PDO such as these constants there.

There are no other resources which cover this section, especially since the ipl is still fairly new and partly WIP. Your best bet is to read the source.

Hi all,

I’m starting a module developpement and I have some problems too finding documentations. I have read the slideshows and had a look at already built modules but I miss full documentation.
Examples : what class is Config::module(’’) ? What methods are called with the ConfigForm Class and when ? etc…

Thanks in advanced for any help/links/examples !