SNMP Plugin

(Gergo Schwahofer) #1


Everybody , Im looking for a working SNMP plugin. My Switch works with v1 v2 and v3 so that doesnt matter.

I want to check everything I just can. Im using Ubiquiti and Cisco Switches. High end ones.

Also a Guide would be good how to do that properly, im a first time user of SNMP.

I tried already 15 Plugin at least from Exchange Nagios but always error in the code.

Thank you.


I’d take a look at check_nwc_health.

(Gergo Schwahofer) #3

I tried that but with my High end Cisco switch and ubiquiti switches its not working, only list interface command worked :frowning:


Providing more information to the developers might enable them to extend the plugin…