SMS Notification

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I want to configure SMS notification over Check_MK …

I can only select “SMStools” but i want to make a script to send SMS from the Check_MK Master …

Whats the path for SMS scripts??

In the menue “User” i can only configure e-mail and pager address … no mobile number …

Can someone help me please? :slight_smile:



just put your script in the site directory ~/local/share/check_mk/notifications folder (line 3 is a comment with the description which is diplayed in the GUI).

You can write the mobile number in the pager address and receive it within the script with the Macro NOTIFY_CONTACTPAGER.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for your answer,

The script works, i did a test to send SMS from my Linux machine to a mobilephone.

When notifications send out, they are only working for email. i dont get any messages from Check_MK to my mobilephone.

I think the problem is the format of the number, does anyone know how i can change pager numbers?? i binded them over LDAP and cant change the numbers on Check_MK

thank you … : )

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reformat the numbers within your sms script

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Yes i tried this, but now i cant even send test messages from check_mk machine …

Mabye i type in the numbers without using LDAP synchronisation …

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SMS is working now, i added my script to the existing SMS script …
thank you for help !


Mark the answer which helped you as solution :slight_smile: @marcel.hafner

its possible to write some steps down for other users in future :slight_smile: this will really very helpful :slight_smile: