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its possible to copy files from windows to linux which are only available when I use a Windows Environment Variable in the command line? because What I try to copy is not all time on the same place?

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Please try to give an example. I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish. A kind of rsync between Windows and Linux?

thanks for your answer @Wolfgang.

so I want to access a path which is saved under %mypath%, on windows cmd I can say cd %mypath% it will pass me to the path.

I want to copy files only from windows to linux and the folder is not shared-network-folder.

How can I achieve that? smbclient or rsync or is there another tool?

Using ftp might work. It runs on Windows, %mypath% is a Windows variable and Linux mostly has a running ftp server.

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thanks @Wolfgang, Ill look at FTP, I dont know if FTP can access the path when I say: cd %mypath%

i would recommend scp, on the latest version its already an os feature =>


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That mean I have to acivate that feature on the OS right ?
Can I access Windows Environment Variable when I use scp ?

If you run the latest release, take a look with:

Get-WindowsCapability -Online | ? Name -like ‘OpenSSHUtils*’

If you run something older, simple try pscp.exe

Both works with variables.


thank you so much @gerhardg,
my last question please:

my idea is to copy files from Folder-A which is in %mypath% (I cant write the path because on every machine is on different place) on windows machine to Linux machine (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), your example will work for this scenarios?

Using pscp (as @gerhardg proposed) part of the output is:

PuTTY Secure Copy client
Release 0.70
Usage: pscp [options] [user@]host:source target
       pscp [options] source [source...] [user@]host:target
       pscp [options] -ls [user@]host:filespec

so pscp %mypath%/file user@linux:/target is very close to what you’re seeking.


thank you so muvh @Wolfgang,

thats right, but I want do that on the Linux side and not from windows, because I have one Linux Server and 500+ Windows-Hosts and I have do that on each one, because of that Im looking to a solution to do that on the Linux side, its 1:500+

I hope you get my point now :see_no_evil: :flushed:

Describing “I have a Linux session and want to copy files from Windows machines using the Windows environment variable %MYPATH% containing the source folder” would have been much clearer.
@gerhardgs answer seems that he’s been mislead, too.

Unless you have a process/daemon (like an FTP Server) on the Windows machines responding to your requests I’d say it’s not possible.

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sorry it was maybe my mistake!

this is also new for me thank you so much and it works! :+1:

Its not possible to start the pscp command from linux to windows ?

thanks again @Wolfgang

There has to be a process on Windows responding to the requests. pscp is a Windows program, scp the corresponding Unix/Linux program. You probably have no SSH process running on the Windows machines so the answer is No.

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thanks I get it :slight_smile:

Take a look on „winexe“, there os also a update campain goin on:

An other option would be ssh, microsoft provide an port based on openssh:

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thanks @gerhardg

I’ll test WinExe and I hope it will works :+1:

@gerhardg did you use that before ?

only sometimes in the last 8-9 years. there is already a fork with smb2 support, so it should still work with “modern” windows versions. be prepared that some antivirus/atp solutions may block winexe.

in the long run i would recommend ssh, microsoft is pushing it to secure psremoting from linux 2 windows.

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This is exactly what’s happen to me :frowning:

So I have to test smb2 and then maybe ssh or I’ll give up :wink: