Site backup Failed


hi all,

I have a cron job which is run daily 00:00 to create a site backup, but today it faild, does anyone know where can I look in log files to see the reason for it ?

I save it to /opt/cmk_backup
I have there 2 folders:


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I deleted the content of cmk_backup folder and I start the backup again it works.

(Overlord) #3

I have the same issue on all of my check_mk servers since the upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5. It’s also the same when I do a “omd backup xxxx” and does not matter if local backup or remote.


does the “mysite” user has the rights to write to the folder ?

whats the error what you get when you do that via terminal: omd backup xxx

try on empty folder

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Connection reset by peer. I have an open thread:

(Marcel Schulte) #6

This issue is fixed in werk 6860.

…included in next release 1.5.0p8

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