SignUp: Having read the FAQ and ToS

(Michael Friedrich) #1

I’m following a discussion on Discourse Meta about agreeing to ToS and FAQ explicitly. That’s something required by law in the EU, next to the ToS/Legal Notice linked on all pages for websites hosted in Germany.

Boring legal stuff, I know, but better safe than sorry. Continued use of this platform requires you to have understood what’s written in the Terms of Service and FAQ.

I’ve found this topic where such a field can be put onto the signup page, and I am testing this now in production. Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


(Michael Friedrich) #2

I’ve modified the text to explicitly accept the ToS, as per feedback from

Again, please let me know if you agree on that, or anything else. This is important.


(Philipp Näther) #3

I agree, but what is with the users that already signed up? And is there a reference in the db for every user that have read/accepted the ToS and FAQ?

(Michael Friedrich) #4

No solution for that, being honest here. If you are a commercial entity, legal says you would need to send an update to all users and enforce the new ToS by a date, to let users delete their account. If you are a non-commercial community platform, I do not know what exactly applies here. Putting that here and making everyone to virtually agree with reading and posting might or might not work.

I’m looking for opinions and experiences.