Showing "Recently Recoverd Services" only in a specific time range on the dashboard



I’m trying to modify the url of the “Recently Recovered Services” dashlet monitoring/list/services?service_state=0&limit=10&sort=service_last_state_change&dir=desc to add a timerange so that only services which had a state changed in the last hour would be displayed:


This is not working, but is this possible? If yes, how? If no could that be a valid feature request?

Thank’s in advance.


(Johannes Meyer) #2

Maybe try it with 1 hour ago. If this succeeds you can use all of these.

If not, you’ll have to use absolute timestamps I’m afraid.


Great, thank you. The PHP relative date time formats are working, so this

dir=desc&service_last_state_change>=1 hour ago

is a valid url.