Show USERn macros in expanded command

(Jean-Malo Beaujour) #1

I want to show only some USERn macros in expanded line, but all my parameter has no effects.
I try with thrukadmin with all rights
show_full_commandline = 2
show_full_commandline_source = check_command
resource_file = /etc/nagios/private/resource.cfg (where USERn are defined)
expand_user_macros = USER1-99

It still shown $USER1$/check_nrpe for exemple.

Thruk 2.30-2


(Sven Nierlein) #2

Is thruk able to read that file? Usually it has limited access permissions and is not readable by the webserver user.
It’s best practice to copy that file to /etc/thruk, make sure it is readably and only contains paths and no passwords.

(Jean-Malo Beaujour) #3

I copied it to /etc/thruk
and now the variables are displayed
thank you