Show output bandwifth in mega

any one has idea to show output in mega

Just a general thing: interface traffic is normally defined in the MIB table as COUNTERxx (xx = 32 or 64 bit), meaning that the value itself is absolute and the actual value is the difference of two consecutive values. Looking at the graphs they show monotonic increasing values so it seems the incoming values are not declared as COUNTER (in the graphing tool?). Changing that in the first place should increase “readability” (expressiveness) of the graphs.

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I would start with looking into the Graphite graph URL, and how to modify the shown values. scale() looks promising.

This working example must then be adopted into a custom template for this check, following the docs on templates.

thanks for you I am go to /usr/share/icingaweb2/module/template/default.ini and change
yUnitSystem = “none " to " binary” or make specific template for service
it’s very good but some time unknown message
GigabitEthernet0/1:UP No usable data on file (68 rows) :(1 UP): UNKNOWN
for very short period