Several issues with icinga2-powershell-module

(Roland Sommer) #1

Is it ok / does it make sense to discuss issues about icinga2-powershell-module here? Or is it better or even recommended to do so at icinga2-powershell-module’s Github?

(Thomas Widhalm) #2

I’d say, discussing is very ok here. If you have certain changes or found bugs, then create issues on GitHub. :slightly_smiling_face:

In short:

  • If you know what you want to have changed -> GitHub
  • If you have questions or know roughly what you want to have changed -> Monitoring Portal
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(Roland Sommer) #3

I.e. the parameter -DownloadUrl is not working and to me it looks like a bug. Should I create an issue on GitHub even if I’m not 100% sure?

(Thomas Widhalm) #4

That’s a case where both can be the correct way.

What I would do:

  • Open a seperate post here where you say, you found a possible bug. Maybe someone can help you with tracking it down.
  • If you get help and can confirm the bug, open an Issue (referencing to the thread here)
  • If nobody can help you within some days, open an Issue as well. Reference the thread here in the issue so the developers see that you tried to spare them as much hassle debugging as possible. It’s no must, it’s just nice.