Service History shows only status changes?

(Sascha Bay) #1

We have some services which get informations from a trap sender.
Everthing works fine but the history of the service shows only the status changes and every Trap which was sent to the service after status change to critical didn’t appear.
The plugin output itself shows the last trap, but this is not enough and in ICINGA 1 all traps are in the alert history available.

Is this a designed behavior or is it possible to activate the full list of received CRITICAL passive checks?

We are using the latest version of ICINGA and ICINGA Web


(Sascha Bay) #2

Good morning.
It seems the setting “volatile” true will show all received traps in the history.
But now i got for every trap an email. :frowning:
Here the config:

template Notification “contact-24x7-trap-service-template” {
command = “mail-service-notification-new”
interval = 0s
period = “zeitperiode-24x7”
states = [ Critical, Warning ]
types = [ Problem ]

apply Notification “cco1-contact-24x7-trap-service” to Service {
import “contact-24x7-trap-service-template”
interval = 0s
assign where (“icinga-server” in host.groups || “cco-server” in host.groups || “cco-server-dmz” in host.groups || “cco-fdl-server” in host.groups) && service.vars.enable_trap_notification && service.enable_notifications && service.vars.passive_service_type == “TRAP”
user_groups = [ “cco1-traps-email” ]

object User “CCO1 S.Bay” {
import “CCO1-Email-Template”
display_name = “CCO1 S.Bay”
email = “sascha.bay@"
enable_notifications = true
states = [ Critical, Down, Up, Warning ]
types = [ Acknowledgement, Custom, DowntimeStart, Problem ]
groups = [ “cco-admin”, “cco1-email”, “cco1-traps-email” ]
vars.SM9_ASSIGNMENT_GROUP = “********”
vars.can_create_tickets = true
vars.icinga_ldap_username = "

vars.notification_handy_phone_number = “*"
vars.notification_phone_number = "


As i understand should only the first trap (status change from ok to warning or critical) send me an email. But the following traps didn’t send an email.

Can anyone tell me where i do some wrong settings?