Sending Graphite to remote grafana server, can I cancel icinga using graphite/carbon?

Sorry about the topic headline I couldn’t figure out how to word it

So my company has a grafana server, I configured the server that Icinga is on to send the graphing information to grafana, and it works, I was curious if there is a way to now rid icinga of using the graphs? As in when you click open a host, the graphs are not showing BUT they continue to send the information to the remote grafana host?

I’m assuming all I have to do is disable the graphite feature but I’m not 100% sure if this will stop the carbon-cache/graphite feature from sending the information to the remote host

The icinga2 feature graphite is what is sending the perfdata to the remote host. The icingaweb2 module graphite is pulling the graphs off of the remote graphite server.

If you just disable the icingaweb2 module graphite, you will get the results you want.